Plataforma 185 : Combustivel Free - The Fire Triangle

The music that we will hear is result of a rich information, sharing and musical studies. Beyond the knowlegde, it is yet necessary, to fell! The free improvisation is in our conscience, once we are in a more advanced musical history. And, even more advanced, it will be the people who will succeed in this life. As an orientation for whom will listen to this work, we could highlight that the triangle is the base of this music. The number "3", to be more specific; three elements that makes fire. "Oxidizing Agent": the number three appears under heavy drum triplet forms. "Source of Heat - Intermezzo": that is a moviment of transition, free, with fluid and its conscient and unconscious flow. "Fuel": the central figure is the paradiddle triangle, where the three elements volatilize in spins, but never touching each other. "Source of Heat": thinking about the friction of nature that produce heat movements.; "Chain Reaction": a free sketch of random circular moviments of drums, cymbals, continuous whistle, sounding strings and crossovers flowing like air, fuel, spark, fire! COMBUSTIVEL FREE The Fire Triangle André de Castro, clarinet, tenor & soprano saxes; Nativo Hoffmann, 8 strings guitar; Leandro “Lex" de Los Santos, fretless bass; Izaky Grimm, drums. 1. Oxidizing Agent 06:50 2. Source of Heat – Intermezzo 07:15 3. Fuel 08:38 4. Search of Heat 06:28 5. Chain Reaction 07:02 All Compositions by COMBUSTIVEL FREE Produced by Leandro “Lex" de Los Santos Originally recorded on April 21, 2016 at the Estúdio ½ Boca, São Leopoldo, Rio Grande do Sul /Brazil Cover Art and Desing by Julio Chollet
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