Plataforma 133 : Deicida 69 - Vocem For Atonal Wave (Cotê & Ntoa) - Double album

"Vocem For Atonal Wave", is in my opinion the best material by Deicida 69. Respect to style, it continues to maintain the Punk and Experimental Rock, the Noise is reduced and to play with a jazz style, even the disc name is selected based on instigating this is music with “Atonic” intent (without specific recognition of one style and the constant violation of the rules of harmony which dictates the Orthodox Music). This album was released in three independent labels; in Europe it will be distributed by the label from France, NKS International Muzakillabel, which specializes almost entirely in extreme rock genres like Grind, Hardcore, Synth Punk, the Noise, Metal, Speedcore, etc. NKS has 30 years old, and is one of the references of underground and independent music, a seal for creative projects seeking sovereignty sounds. Another support for the launch is Plataforma Records, which have previously released several albums and Split's of Deicida 69. Platforma Records (also known as Platforma Recs) from Brazil and is managed by a sound artist named Max Chami (with artist name "Antoine Trauma"), a man of the old school experimentalist sound. Is very good. Finally, the digital distribution free by the two previously mentioned seals and also by Ergô Felix Culpa (website blog), the Vocem For Atonal Wave is distributed by Cieliro Diystro anyone desiring a hard copy of the material (in CD release). Cieliro Diystro has its distribution site in Chile country. Usually throw a few copies, overreaching editions at very low cost, or at other times, given by way of gift to the people he considers appropriate for the sound project.
*Erick R. Vieyra