Plataforma 43 : Dangerous Beat - Randomness

Diretamente da Croácia um single explosivo, noise e glitch muito bem conjugados. "Born in Zagreb, Croatia, in 1987. He is actively engaged in music production since mid-2004 but his introduction to the rave sound was back in 1996/ 1997 . He was musically evolved over the years due to hearing old rock, metal, jazz, classical and tribal music. His earlier works were related to commercial old-school sound and repetitive techno but today produces old rave styles, acid, music with broken rhythms, IDM and various variations on noise and experimental music. His experimental and noise sounds evoke his disappointment with interpersonal relationships, disregard of others, suffering, hatred and destruction. He is part of the Underground Alliance label and associations for the former Yugoslavia. They provide an opportunity to noncommercial rave, noise and experimental music in the region. He also actively playing traditional Jamaican drums and percussion and African rhythms."